After working at a car magazine for a few years, I was consistently getting the opportunity to drive a new car every week. While I rarely got the car for more than a few nights at a time, I started writing down my thoughts about how they compared and what they felt like to drive. Those thoughts became this site. It’s not an official review you’ll find in a big, glossy magazine, and it isn’t filled with technical specifications of engine size or curb weight. It’s just my thoughts as they come to me.

While I’m no longer at the magazine where I got my start, I’m still reviewing cars, however now, I get them all to myself for a whole week. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them, and sometimes, I complain about them and praise them at the same time. And while I’m driving more and more, my point remains the same:

This site isn’t to tell you what the 0-60 time is. It isn’t to compare one car’s horsepower with another. The purpose of this site is to tell you what it feels like to drive certain cars. Is it fun? Is the car comfortable? Can you see out the back window? Do you feel cool, or safe, or are you just hanging on trying to keep your foot out of the throttle because you can’t afford another ticket? That’s what I want to convey in this site. What would the ownership experience be like.

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate that. If you want biased reviews and a bunch of stats, try or AutoWeek.


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