Review: Ford Taurus X

Best as I can tell, the Ford Taurus X crossover vehicle is designed for the consumer who wants minivan features without the minivan exterior. Most models of this car come with a two-tone paint job that does not help the car appear sophisticated and classy. The specimen I drove was the top-of-the-line, Eddie Bauer Limited, in all black. With this paint job the car does present a decent profile. I think the three wide chrome bars that Ford is using on the nose of their vehicles now is basically “too loud” of a signature, but with the all black I do not mind as much.

Ford Taurus X

Inside the vehicle the Taurus X has lots of family friendly features. There is a built-in convex mirror that allows the driver a good view of what is happening in the third row of seats. This model has a DVD player that works with wireless headphones—or regular headphones for that matter. The second row of seats is a roomy set of captain’s chairs and a center console with cup holders, which makes transporting 4 adults quite comfortable. This center console does make the last row of seats much more difficult to access than in a mini-van, and I’m not sure kids could climb back there without some seat-folding help. Continue reading Review: Ford Taurus X