Review: 2008 Nissan Altima Sedan

While reviewing the Altima Coupe, I joked that, while the Sedan may be a nice kid, the Altima Coupe would always be the favorite child. Now, after a few days in the sedan, I realize I may have spoken a bit too soon.

Nissan Altima Coupe

With an entry price of just $19,000 (or up to $30,000 with all the features added), the Altima offers itself to a very wide range of buyers, and provides excellent value to all of them. The comfortable seats, well placed interior, spacious cockpit are all high-above most competitors. I personally found the interior to be among the best Nissan has ever designed. It was very well thought out, and incredibly functional while maintaining a level of comfort and everyday usability that I hope every car strives for.

The exterior misses some of the excitement of the 2-door coupe, but not to the point that the car fails to deliver; it just delivers in a different way. The car still has mature lines that come from it’s 15 years in production; it is well balanced and detailed.

Driving the Altima reminded me how far cars have come. With features that at one point, were only for the wealthy, the Altima now delivers an experience that exceeds that of luxury cars from just a few years ago. In short, you felt pampered. No matter how many features a car does or doesn’t have, it’s always the simple feeling of just being pampered that quietly spoke to my brain when driving luxury cars. Nissan is one of the few that manages to do that for under $30,000. And on the road, the Altima’s engine performed admirably and quietly while allowing me to effortlessly glide down the freeways and city streets near my home.

I’m personally not sure I need a 4-door sedan at the moment, but can still see the appeal. The Altima sedan was a practical, enjoyable, and pampering car, priced aggressively and producing a very fun experience. 4.5 stars.